About Us

    FCT Pro-Tection Fiber Care, owned by Daniel Coakley, offers complete furniture & carpet protection. We do this in two ways; first we provide our permanent fiber sealant for all fabrics, and carpets, natural and synthetic. Second, we are a Vista Window Film Dealer - Providing professionally installed window films for your home, business and commercial building.

    We also work closely with Interior Designers giving clients a well protected newly designed home experience. Your client will appreciate the efforts you have taken to ensure their new upholstered furniture will be protected against staining and the damaging ultra-violet rays. They now have a source to help them to maintain the fine quality upholstery that you installed in their home.

    We will go to your client’s home or office and apply an invisible and completely safe application of Pro-tection to their fabrics and carpets. We will also apply Vista-Film to their windows for that added protection from the sun.

    We are a California licensed contractor(CA #702266), bonded and insured.